Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pixel Building

There's a myth that environmentally friendly architecture cannot be done, that it is too expensive and that it cannot be well designed, but in Australia they proved all those myths wrong created the first carbon neutral building in the country which means the building itself generates its own energy and water on site (all images by studio 505).

The building is located in Melbourne and will be part of a $1billion urban renewal project where the developer used a former brewery as it's starting point. The office building counts with solar panels on the roof to generate energy as well as wind turbines and the result is that it generates more energy that it consumes.

The building's most amazing architectural feature is it's colorful panel facade made with recycled materials whose purpose maximize daylight coming to each space, add more shade, and increase visibility to the exterior.

The building designed by studio 505 is so cutting edge that it will be considered environmental not only in Australia but also in the US with its LEED program  and in the UK with the BREAM system {these systems are the ones that say if a building is a "green building" or not}.

Wouldn't it be amazing to work in a building that is not only great for the environment but also that looks like it belongs at a fashion magazine?

Have a great day!!!