Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing with Traffic

Hope everyone had a great weekend and thanks for your good wishes for this week which will definitely will prove challenging as I will be talking to leaders of the hospitality industry who are the ones I'm hoping help me in landing the job I want.

Yesterday, I went to LACMA to check out the current exhibits and got to see the one created by Chris Burden called Metropolis II. This amazing sculpture is a kinetic installation that took the artist 4 years to complete and includes 1200 toy cars {my nephew would love that!} moving through the streets of a city composed of multiple layers.

The project reminded me of a version of those futuristic movies where traffic flows freely all over and cars seem to be flying all over the place. The little cars are brought to the top of the sculpture as if it was a roller coaster and then they start they way down on street like lanes at really fast speeds as you can see them in the pictures {love the contrast of the ones at slow speed against those moving!}.

The installation is noisy and creates a sort of noise that reminds you of the busy highways in places like LA, Miami and New York where the pace of life is so hectic. The city is created by buildings made with different materials like wood, mirror, tile, Lego and even the Charles and Ray Eames cards from the modern design installation on the next room.

The video will give you a better idea of how amazing this large scale sculpture is...

Have a great day and go out to enjoy your surroundings!