Thursday, February 9, 2012


Over the past few days I've been throwing away old magazines to make room for those arriving in 2012. As I went through the different places where I store them I found this booklet from a previous job I had where the company asked its top creative minds a number of questions and before I knew it I had spent a good 30 minutes laughing at people's responses.

The question I like the most was "If you were to get stuck in an elevator, who would you like to be in there with you?" The responses were varied but many of them named their family members and other their favorite artists and even politicians... but the best ones were on the lines of: "a claustrophob, so I can monitor the hysteria process", "why do I have to get stuck in an elevator?", "an elevator technician so I can get out of there as fast as I can", and finally a friend of mine said "George Clooney, se wa can talk about Como, wine and movies" and 2 weeks later she saw him at an airport!

So in the spirit of fun and getting ready for the weekend "If you got stuck in an elevator, who would you like to be in it?"... My pics today would be the people I've been wanting to work with so I can get that much desired job once and for all!

Have a great day and be careful... ha!