Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Light in the Workplace

One of the most important things interior designers have to think about is lighting... good lighting! Studies find that one of the major health problems associated with poor lightning is eye strain that leads to headaches, fatigue, and stress. Eventually these health conditions can cause a lack on employee productivity and overall discontent {talk about moody days and feeling unmotivated!} about the workplace.

Nowadays, companies are more aware of the importance of providing good lighting and healthy environments at the workplace. Below you can find a few tips for you to improve your workspace or that of those who work with you.

1. Daylight is the best light we can get... so look for ways for you and those you work with to be located in a place where they receive plenty of daylight. In case they receive the light directly put some sheer material to help reduce glare {it can have the same effects as bad lighting}.

2. Complement natural and artificial light... Even though a space needs to have plenty of natural light it needs to be complemented with indirect ambient lighting that is aimed at the ceiling or comes from light fixtures that are covered with a translucent shield.

3. Control your own light... Get task lighting for your desk {or other people's...} that way you can add and control the lighting on your desk.

Have a great and light day!