Monday, March 5, 2012

The Guest

As a kid I remember my grandmother had a glas cabinet filled with Lladro procelain dolls in various poses amd depicting scenes from the country side. So, naturaly when I saw the collaboration directed by Spaniard Jaime Hayon, the American artist Tim Biskup and Japanese artist Shin from studio Devilrobots I was amazed.

The collection called the Guests, is composed of 250 large pieces of about 20 inches tall and a series of small ones of about 11 inches produced in a numbered open edition, was a great challenge for all the artists involved because the fragile media represented a world appart from the kind of work they are used to do.


 The pieces made and painted by hand at the Lladro atelier in Valencia, Spain from beginning to end by higly skilled artists, and were inspired by the many vynil figurines you can find in Japan's pop culure.


These little dolls are certainly made for those serious are collectors with deep pockets but depite that it also means that the success of the collection is only the beginning of many collaborations to come between the traditional decorative company and modern designers.

Have a great start of the week and go out there and play with some dolls!