Monday, April 16, 2012

Dancing Queen

What a great song but no doubt one that gets me off my chair and just makes me start dancing. And then another great song follows and I keep on dancing. Last time I did it I felt absolutely liberated and when I was done, I felt energized and full of life.

There are many health benefits linked to dancing... One of the most attractive ones is that it helps in maintaining {or losing for that matter} a healthy weight as it puts all your muscles into motion and that way helps you burn calories.

Dancing to your favorites tunes also helps in preventing osteoporosis, which is caused by a drop in estrogen levels, and the motion in our joints aids in keeping them lubricated which in turns helps in combating arthritis.

Because dancing requires a certain level of coordination and mental activity, it is a great way to keep you busy thus relaxing your mind and improving your memory {how about a little Tango!}... and all of this combined will work wonders on helping you stay young!

Finally, dancing is one of the most diverse types of exercising because of it's many forms and origins. You can go for the fast paced rhythms of salsa and samba or you can opt for the more classic moves of ballet routines. Whatever it is that you decide to groove on it will be a great way to elevate your endorphin levels... I mean, make you happy!

Have a great day and keep on moving!