Tuesday, May 8, 2012


One of the best phrases I've heard in the longest time was on Game of Thrones this past weekend when Daenerys {one of the female characters} told some one "I am no ordinary woman... my dreams come true". I haven't heard anything more powerful in the longest time because there is not denial that she know where she's going and how she is going to get there.

One of the dreams I never pursued was being a ballerina but whenever I see a presentation I fulfill that dream in some sort of way. This video talks about perseverance, and how discipline and the love for what you do help you achieve those dreams so dear to your heart.

Another dream was always to be a surfer girl... I come from a place where surfing and those that practice the sport are seem as the coolest people around maybe because of that free spirit lifestyle they live, the sun and those amazing waves in their hair.

No matter what your dream is... pursue it fearlessly and with passion because they do come true to those that believe in them with blind faith.

Today I want to send a congratulatory message to my sister who has achieved a milestone in her business... You are a real inspiration for me and every business woman out there! if you want to find out more about her check out her blog at And So I Whisper or @petitsfournier.

Have a great day and don't forget to follow your dreams!