Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nobility in a Bottle

This post was inspired last week by someone very dear to me and has been lingering in my head ever since. It's born out of an undying love for a good bottle of wine, my fascination with hotels and good design, and the fantasy of the last scene of French Kiss {the movie with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline}.

I've always known that a bottle from Marques de Riscal will be a good one no matter what. The vineyard was founded in 1858 and since then they have been producing some of the best wines of the Rioja region {located in northern Spain}.

Ciudad del Vino or City of the Wine is a vast complex built on the vineyards grounds that encompasses the old warehouse and the wine-making facilities along with a brand new building designed by Frank O. Gehry which houses a luxury hotel, a spa, 2 restaurants, and a convention center.
The owners of the company convinced Gehry to take on the project by taking him to have a bottle of wine from the year he was born, 1929. He says that the most important thing he considered when designing the building was to blend modernity with the tradition of wine-making.

The facade is designed to resemble the colors of a bottle of wine: gold for the cap, silver for the capsule, and the dark red for the liquid.

I can see myself lounging {with a cutie by my side!} at the terrace of the hotel sipping a glass of that delicious red looking over the vineyards while we wait to go and have an amazing dinner at one of the restaurants... and that dream will come true!

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Have a great day and remember the weekend is almost here!