Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Meaning of White

A few years ago I worked on a project where the owner wanted an all white hotel which was a bit of a complication because the company he had chosen to run the hotel was Chinese... and white is the color of death over there. So here are a few other meanings of what this color represents.

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White is the bridal color not just in Western civilization but also in Japan where the white represents the purity of the body, and in Japan means the death of their former family and entering a new one.

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White's sister color is black and they always represent the extreme oposites of everything: day and nigt, good and evil, white magic and black magic, opnennes and closeness. One of the best examples of this dulity is the ying and the yang in which each color is oposite to each other but also complementary to each other.

White sanded beaches are the most popular vacation destinations as they are usually ocated in exotic islands where the water is clear. The best thing about white sand beaches is that they are usually much cooler than those with dark colored sands which helps a lot when spending the day at the beach.

According to Pantone, white t-shirts are the most commonly sold apparel item in the US... but I would not stop there, I'd say that the white shirt is up there with the t-shirt. During the summer months you can also add white shorts and sundresses as the most commonly used pieces of clothing.

Have a great day the weekend is almost here!