Monday, June 18, 2012

White on White

Over the past few years all white interiors {or mostly white} have been all the rage... From houses, to offices, and hotels have been using this color to create memorable spaces. As great as this color is it poses a bit of a problem to everyone: Dirt! Here are a few tips I always considered when I used white in my design projects.

Houses located on the beach or the countryside are preferable to stay away from totally white floors because the nature of this places include people with sandy or muddy shoes that leave marks all over the floor. If you have white floors already, place a floor mat at the entrance of the house and baskets where people can leave their shoes.

If you're going for all white seating in your leaving room the best advice is to opt for slip covers that can be taken off and laundered. The best fabric to use is a cotton one that can be easily washed at home as son synthetic one might shrink or be dry clean only.

Your walls are always the most troublesome {especially shots with kids!}. Matte finishes show dirt the fastest because they stain easily and cannot be cleaned as they absorb everything. My advice is to go for eggshell finishes in most wall areas and glossier ones on door frames and wall bases... of course, always keep a paint chip for retouching.

White tile... the hardest thing to keep clean and pristine. If you just installed new tile make sure that you seal the grout many times over {about 5 or 6} before you use the shower or sink for the first time. For cleaning grout, you can use baking soda with warm water and a brush, or spray it with a beach based cleaner and leave it over night... remember to rinse well before use.

Have a great and bright day!