Thursday, July 5, 2012

Carry On

Tomorrow I leave for NY for a little R&R d will be there until Tuesday... so, if you're in town let me know and we can get together for a glass of wine or two. As I write this post I'm looking at my carry on suitcase and thinking of what I'll be taking with me for the next few days {on top of all the packing I've done for the move}.

The weather in NY is ging to be pretty hot so I'll be packing sundresses and sandals which are great because they don't take too much space. Which brings me to my first advice when packing, light is the password to get it done. The advantage f dresses is that many times they're not bulky at at the same time they are only one piece instead of two.

If you're staying at a hotel during your trip then you don't need to take half or your toiletries, and you are not the same principle applies. Nowadays you can find small sized toiletries everywhere you go at very low prices; which means you can leave yours at home, buy three or four during your trip, and increase your suitcase space in case you're not a light packer... ha!

Get a shoe bag with long strings to protect your clothes, shoes and to tie them up together so they take up less space. They will also be very helpful when you come back from your trip because you never know where you will be walking around.

Make sure you know the baggage fee policy of your airlines... They can add up to $90 dollars to your trip which could be a big difference in your shopping budget. This Chart gives you a good idea of how much you could spend on checked luggage or carry-on fees.

Have a great day and hope your next vacation is planed or going well!