Monday, July 16, 2012

Night Stroll

Whenever I go to NY I love to make my way back to my hotel through the busy commercial streets and look at all the stores while they sleep at night. Somehow the windows seem to take another life when the sun goes down and there's no one inside.

In the same way that sun light has a great effect on photos, I also love the effect you get when you photograph windows at night whose only purpose is to attract passers by at night and make them want to coma back the next day.

Jewelry has an extra sparkle, colors have a different shade and shoes look more enticing than ever before... ha!

Next time you go out check out the different light and life your city takes at night. I like that sense of peace and calm that comes when there's no one around and the stress of every day life is gone at least for a few hours.

Have a great beginning of the week and thanks for all your comments over the weekend!