Monday, July 9, 2012


The weekend in the city was fantastic and could not have had more fun than I did and promise to tell you all about as days go by. A few months ago I discovered the new collection by Tiffany commemorating its 175th anniversary and could not help but fall madly in love. 

The collection is called Rubedo and it comes from a term used by alchemists when they achieved the final and most important stage of the Magnus Opus in the creation of the philosopher's stone, which in turn was believed to turn metals into gold.

This metal is part of the 1837 collection  and is the result of an secret allow created by the famous jewelers that will only be offered during 2012 as part of the important celebration.

Today, I will be heading uptown to try one of the rings as I've decided that I will be giving it to myself as a birthday present in a few months {thank God I have to save for it}. Even though the metal is priced lower that gold because its an alloy, it is said that the reddish color is stunning and can be easily worn with silver.

Have a great day and I'll tell you later what I think of it!