Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day Trip

Today, I have a hectic day as I will be going out of the city to see a project the company I'm working for might be interested in getting involved with. Thank God it's one of those trips that I can go to very informal because it will be mostly to evaluate the place to make a report about it.

The place is surrounded by a forest with a river that runs by it and everything. I hope I can have a few minutes to capture the surroundings, especially because we are in the rainy season so everything will be very green and luscious.

The forest areas in here are usually very dense and people love them for bird watching, hiking and other adventure or ecology related activities. There are also tons of other fauna to be looked at {a downside at least in my case} like tiny brightly colored frogs, over-sized insects, and even snakes that delight from large urban locations.

One thing I hope I get a chance to do is photograph the vegetation of the place. I love the shapes and color of flowers and plants in this part of the world... they are always bright and saturated.

Have a great day and see you after my visit to the wildlife!