Monday, August 13, 2012

Lessons Learned

As things start to wind down and we return to our pre-olympic schedules it's important to reflect on the things athletes taught us {good and bad} that we all should keep with us and learn from.

At the closing ceremony athletes were mixed in large groups inside the Union Jack flag {let's emphasize on the word Union} without caring who they were grouped with, their nationality or how many medals they won during the past 2 weeks. We all live together in this place and we should try our best to live peacefully even if we are competing against each other.

There were a few athletes that disqualified or not allowed to be part of the games for doping, manipulating games or insulting tweets, which reminds us that the bad guys do end up losing in the end and the good ones always win.

On the other hand, there was a Chinese athlete who go injured while competing but did their best to finish the event he was competing on... the crowd cheered his good sportsmanship. The first Saudi Arabian woman to compete in the 800m heat finished last,,, and the crowd cheered for her in appreciation of her competitive spirit. Inspiration is everywhere and just need to support those who inspire us.

Athletes showed us that dedication pays off and that we can do anything we want if we work hard at it. We can conquer many obstacles and we should do it in the track field, the swimming pool, at the office, at home, and ask the same of those who lead us as well.

London 2012 leaves us a legacy of tolerance, endurance, friendship, discipline, and a great legacy for the people of the next Olympics to work with. After all is been said and done what we leave to the next generation is what counts.

Have a great start of the week and thanks for all you good wishes last week!