Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Out of London

I believe most of us are glued to the TV watching history being made during the Olympics games in London. I really wish I was there taking is all the energy, meeting people, and exploring the city as I go by. One of those places I'd like to go to is the Barbican and check out their exhibit called Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style.

This year one of the world's most iconic movie characters turns 50 years and may I say I think he looks fantastic. I fell in love with these movies as a kid and even though I didn't understand much the plots, inuendos, and politics I was always fascinated by his travels, the costumes and the cool interiors.

Elrod House used in "Diamonds are Forever"{Images Credit}

Of course the thing that has always captures me is Bond himself confident, mysterious, and very well dressed. The whole look of Bond has not only changed with time but also with the men playing him. The idea has always to match his famous tuxedos and nicely tailored suits to the personality of the current Bond... From very classic like Sean Connery all the way to feistier like Daniel Craig {check out this video}.

Dresses from "License to Kill","From Russia with Love", and beachwear {Images Credits

Lets us not forget the women, the iconic Bond girls... some bad and some good but always very well dressed and with quite original {to say the least} names. If you could be one of them, who would you like to be? I'd like to be one of those that starts like a bad one and ends up with switching sides getting a lot of Bond time {ha!} {more exhibit images}.

Have a great and adventurous day!