Thursday, September 27, 2012

Swedish Countryside

Last weekend I was able to finally read the iPad magazine published by Frida from Trendenser. In this issue she tells about her summer vacation in the region of Skåne, in southern Sweden. Her images are so beautiful, I had to go and check out this amazing place.

This beautiful place is southern most region in Sweden and one and one of northern Europe´s richest farming districts. it is surrounded by never ending open fields and flat horizons. It is an area that counts with forest and rocky coasts in the northwest, vast fields with flowers and white sand beaches in the south, green rolling hills and groves in the west.

There are nearly 300 castles in Skånethat date all the way from the 12th century until the 19th century. Today, these have become hotels or museums that can be vistied withou any problems. Some are impresive manors and others are medieval looking fotresses, which at some point in time where used as government buildings

Due to milder weather conditions in this region, fresh produce like fruits and aspragus are a staple of their meals. Dairy products, goose, venison and wild berries and mushrooms can be found in menus all over the place.

Another marvel of this region is called Ale's Stones, which is a Stonehenge like monolithic site. It is composed of 58 stones placed upright arranged in the sahpe of a ship. They are dated from the 1400 AD, but there is no certainty what this site was used for.

In the best tradition of Swedish design, like the capital city of Malmö, this region boasts with great design and shopping areas located in historic town centers. One important trend or reality of shopping here, is that they are very much into environmentally friendly products... Amazing!

Have a great day!