Monday, October 22, 2012

Hermès Texan Designer

This weekend I heard on the radio one of the most interesting pieces I've heard in the longest time. The story was about Kermit Oliver, a man who lives in a ranch in Waco, Texas, and who's the only American who designs for the prestigious French house Hermès.

This man, who is actually a postman, started working for Hermès in 1980 when the company's North American president of operations discovered him through Lawrence Marcus, Neiman Marcus' EVP. His first scarves collection was chosen by him and the theme was Native Americans and the Pawnee chief scarf came to life.

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 He has collaborated with the company a total of 16 times and counting. Amazingly enough, little is know of this man. He is said to design first the frame of each one of his pieces and then the actual painting is done. His main themes are farm animals, nature and the people around him.

He designs the scarve in a span of around 6 monthsup to a year. He does research about each one of his topics, creates the composition and paints them on a 90cm X 90cm watercolor paper, which is the same size as each scarf. The designs are then sent to Hermès, where they are screen printed on silk. Read more about this amazing artist HERE.

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