Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Olive Oil

I consume olive oil like there's no tomorrow. I love the way it improves the taste of any type of food and its rich smell.

The best oils are those that are made from a single olive, because you can truly taste the difference between the different varieties of olives {just like you do in wines}. The variety and the maturity of the olives are the main factors that contribute to the flavor.

Extra virgin olive oil, refers to the process in which the oil is made without the use of any solvents and obtained directly from the fruit. It has to go through a rigorous inspection where three elements of it are determined: bitterness, fruitiness and pungency.

Tasting olive oil has its similarities to tasting wine. You have to take a little sip, then breathe through your mouth to bring out the flavors in it. Finally, swallow the oil. You'll feel the pepery sensation in your trhoat and all the taste tingling on your tongue.

When cooking with olive oil, use blends for the cooking process, because the heat changes the molecular composition of the oil, you need one that is more stable. Use more refined extra virgin oils to finish your dishes and add that estra touch of flavor.

Have a great day!