Monday, November 5, 2012

The Graphics of Wine

There's no doubt that the wine industry has changed a lot, from snobs with fancy descriptive words to modern enthusiasts who appreciate a good glass. Wine producers have also evolved with time and have created new varieties and blends, but also have modernized the way their wines attract people from the shelves.

The new era wine makers want to communicate to their target markets what the wine is all about, like the woodsy flavors that and inherent to the wine or the time of the year and occasion when they should be consumed because they are seasonal wines.

Many people nowadays are choosing their wines based on price and the label design, which makes it even more important for new labels entering the market to stand out from the competition.

The typical strategy to make these products stand out are looking for unique elements of their landscapes and history that make the wines truly unique. European wines can evoke the long history of monarchies and Australian wines reflect the rugged terrains where the vines grow.

So, nest time you find a wine that has an out of the ordinary label, take a good look at it and let your imagination fly as to what that label means.

Have a great week!

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