Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wine Country

Not the one located in California, the one called Mendoza, Argentina. This city is located on the east side of los Andes Mountains is the largest wine producing region in Latin America.

Wine making was introduced in the 19th century by Spanish settlers who brought their vines along with olives as a way to reecreate the places where they lived. Also, this is are is famous for outdoors sports including skiing, hiking, refting a fishing.

My favorite wine comes from this region famous for its Malbec {Argentina's signature grape} and its blends of Tempranillo, Semillon, Syrah and Torrontes. The wine industry of Mendoza has seen an increased interest from international wine enthusiasts who can enjoy great wines for all tastes and budget... they even produce organic and sustainable wines.

Unlike Europe and California, the harvest of the grapes starts in March and it is celebrated with the Harvest Festival or Festival de la Vendimia. The celebrations last for about a week where they even elect a queen of the festival on a big party at night. If you plan to go this is one of the main events.

The best time to go is during the summer that runs from November until April to take advantage of the vineyard tours and outdoor ativities of the area {maybe even a Polo match!}. The winter months are great too because you can take a trip to Las LeƱas to enjoy of some skiing and snow.

Enjoy and daydream a little today!