Thursday, December 20, 2012


The last weekend for Christmas shopping is upon us and with it stress, traffic jams and long lines at the register. Thank God my shopping has been minimal and a lot of it will be done after Christmas because I will be traveling and bringing the gifts from abroad. Anyways, here are some tips to avoid the shopping stress and craziness.

Find a shopping partner that you can go with and help each other out in making lines at the register and changing rooms, this way the both of you can save time and cover more ground together.

When buying gifts get all the gift boxes and bags retailers offer you that way you cn save yourself time at the gift wrapping counter and at home. Check out some blogs to find creative and easy gift wrapping ideas you can do at home and may also be a way to relax yourself.

I cannot emphasize this enough: make a list of everything you need. This will save you time and the pain of having to go back to any store or super market over and over again.

Finally, learn when enough is enough and don't go crazy on trying to get too much done in a small amount of time. You are supposed to be enjoying the holiday season, not driving yourself or your family crazy.

Have a great day!