Monday, January 14, 2013

Question Mark: Phobias

As I pack see all the things I need to pack on my suitcase I remember to check my seat and make sure I´m not on a window seat... on any of my flights! For somreone who likes to travel as much as I do it's quite ironic I have a terrible fear of heights.

I never go beyond the 30th floor on any building and most definitely stay away from balconies, which is another funny thing about someone who likes to live in apartment buidlings.

I have always wanted to be one of those crazy extreme sports people who rock climbs, bungee jumps y sky dives but there's no way you'll ever find me doing anything like that... I'm staying safe inside!!!

So tell me... do you have any phobias? Is it to spiders? Vertigo? and... Have you conquered it?

Have a great week!!!