Monday, March 4, 2013

Materials in Design

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that the week starts with the right food! As you read this post most probably you are sitting at home having a nice cup of coffee or taking a little break at work from your projects... no matter where you are take a look around you and make an assessment of the many materials that surround you: glass, metal, fabric, plastic and so on.

Last week we talked that everything that has been designed has to fulfill a purpose or have a specific function for why it exists. But, for that object to become reality it have to have materiality or has to be made of something and the make up of that material will determine if the design of that object will fulfill its function to its maximum potential.

Materials change the look of an object and what is used for and the top images are great examples of how materials change the look and use of a chair. Another great example is paint finishes... as a finished product paints have a materiality that is expressed through its finishes and what they are best suited for {check this ARTICLE  for more on that}.
Materiality's sister is called craftsmanship and they usually go hand in hand. Poor materials {like cheap T-shirts} usually are treated by poor craftsmen who see that material as something that won't last. On the other hand, good materials are appreciated for what they are and great products are created out of them.

Have a great week and wonder about the materials around you!