Monday, April 29, 2013


The point is the beginning of everything and most certainly the beginning of all lines. The second element of design is the line in all its forms, because depending on its direction and shape it can create different effects. Learn the language of lines to create a greater impact on people or spaces.

Vertical stripes makes things look taller and elongated, gives the impression of reaching out to the sky, upward direction, and tend to have a regal and elegant feel. Use vertical stripes when you want to make low ceiling spaces look higher or when you dress use clothes that give you a vertical quality to look taller.

Horizontal lines open up spaces, remind us of the horizon, give width to objects and give a sense of ease and relaxation. Use horizontal lines or objects in small spaces to make them look bigger and wear horizontal stripes to look wider {or avoid them!}.

Diagonal, oblique or multi-directional lines are dynamic, have a sense of instability, and promote movement. Use these types of lines to break the monotony of a room with chevron floors, add excitement to a room with a modern painting, or impress someone with a patterned outfit.

Have a creative day!