Thursday, May 2, 2013

Smell Good Town

The other day I saw on TV a piece on the beautiful town of Grasse in the Alpes-Maritime on the French Riviera. This town dates back to the Medieval Ages and it's considered the world's perfume capital.

Grasse's golden age happened during the 1800's when the European aristocracy flocked here during the summer months to be close to the sea. As other nearby towns in the Cote d'Azur rose to fame, Grasse's playground reputation faded.

The town is one of those idyllic places surrounded by lavender, rose, jasmine and orange blossom fields which provide most of the needed scents for perfume making. This tradition is present all over the place and you can see its history at the International Museum of Perfumery.

If you happen to visit the town make sure to stop by the three major perfume factories {Galimard, Fragonard, and Molinard} in town, the Provence Art and History Museum, and the beautiful church of Placassier.

Have a lovely day!