Monday, May 13, 2013

The Third

When two dimensional forms are extruded they become three dimensional and then we get to live with them. Up until now we have explored the most basic concepts of design and now we are looking into those that we can touch and feel.

Every single that we touch and use on our every day lives has all the characteristics of a three dimensional object: mass and volume.

The successful transformation of two dimensional drawings into objects is the goal of every designers from industrial ones that design tiny chips for computers to architects who build massive skyscrapers.

The best thing to remember when you design in paper is to visualize the impact that object is going to have on the real space, how is it going to look three dimensionally once you place it, and how its volume and mass is going to affect the other objects that surround it. Understand your objects and they'll work in your favor!

Have a lovely Monday!