Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Train Ride

A couple of weeks ago I went to a hotel located in the town of Monteverde, just a few hours from the beach. The place is high up in the cloud forest and the scenery of lush vegetation and beautiful fauna is breathtaking.

During my visit I got on this cute train that takes people deep into the forest to have a taste of what life is amongst the trees, flowers and oversized ferns and leaves.

Fern branches can be bigger that me and some plant leaves can be as big as a beach umbrella, trees are entire ecosystems themselves as they are the home of various plants and insects, and flowers have intense colors that make them attractive to all bird species.

A trip like this reminds us the beauty that surrounds us, how much we need to take care of it and the infinite sources of inspiration we can find for beautiful designs and artistic expression.

Have a lovely day and enjoy your surroundings!