Friday, August 16, 2013


I remember as a child getting into my moms closet and wearing her clothes and jewelry and pretend I was an elegant lady like her. Amongst the pieces that I liked the most were always her pearl necklaces, because I have always loved the soft shine they have and their subtle yet chic elegance.

Pearls have signified beauty and value for many centuries because naturally occurring pearls are rare and beautiful. Most pearls we wear today are cultured or farmed in either freshwater or saltwater and are created by either clams or oysters. They are created by inserting a foreign object into the the shell where they create layers of a type of calcium around it.

Pearls are delicate and cared for. If you own them avoid having them come into contact with anything acidic like citrus fruits, vinegar, wine and even perfume. Next time you plan to year them, spray perfume before putting them on or on your clothes far from them.

 Pearls are perfect to dress up any outfit as they go with any outfit and add the right amount of sophistication a day outfit or can be the perfect complement to an LBD. Do you own any pearls? Are they a family  heirloom? 

Have a lovely weekend and be fabulous!