Monday, September 9, 2013

Long Pause

I know I've said this a lot over the past few months, but it has been crazy over here. Projects have all gotten busy at the same time leaving very little time for anything else that eating and sleeping.

Long story short, this month is my birthday month and will be taking some time off to decompress and getting a new computer, as my faithful companion is starting to give up. You know me and there is a trip in my very near future and hope to finalize a few details about it over the next couple of days.

I look forward to the next couple of weeks for all the craziness to be over, for a little bit or normalcy and to be able to reconnect with everyone I've neglected over the past few weeks.

Hope everyone's having an awesome September so far and I truly wish I can connect with all of you very soon... In the meantime enjoy your day and I'll see you tomorrow!

Have a nice one!