Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Greek Beauty

Few civilizations have had a lasting impact like the Ancient Greeks. Their religion was adopted by the Romans and Egyptians, their constructive styles were copied by allies and enemies across the region, and their art has endured for thousands of years.

Greeks perfected and developed the column as their styles are replicated in major buildings and monuments around the world. Unfortunately, most of what remains of ancient Greece's architecture is in ruins as they built stone buildings with wooden roofs.

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The Greek temple has been regarded as the highest point of excellence and the place for excellence to house their gods. The three major orders or styles of columns that surrounded these edification are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian {their names come from the place where they were created}.

Pottery was the media where the ancients recorded their lives as all vessels show scenes of daily life, battles, agriculture, celebrations, etc.

I'm sure for many of you one of the best things we've taken from them is their fashion sense. The Greeks created their outfits by draping fabric around their bodies in specific ways and depending on the style you could tell who they were and what class they belonged to.

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  1. So amazing and gorgeous...that pot!

  2. Greek + Roman Myth and Ancient Mediterranean Architecture were a few of my fav classes in college. Greece is for sure on my list of must-travel/must-see's. :)


  3. ive been to greece!
    so beautiful!