Tuesday, October 8, 2013


In an amazing turn of events, I've come across over the past couple of week people who are searching for something. As I leave Design Punctuation's post for tomorrow, I could not help but needing to communicate the events of the past few weeks. 

Even though they are not "government-shutdown" big, they are quite meaningful in a subtle way. A good friend started a new job yesterday in search of a brighter future, another friend will quit her job today in search of respect at the workplace, and someone else is traveling long distances exploring a new relationship.

They all have something in common which is a thirst for leaving something that was wrong in their lives and are taking action into changing their lives around. I believe them to be very courageous as what lies ahead is pretty uncertain except the faith that they have made the right choice.

Somehow I'm feeling inspired by blind faith, by risking so much certain that the grass IS greener on the other side, and by people's self confidence that they can achieve everything they set their minds into... What are you searching for these days? And, what are you risking in return for the "greener grass"? I'll tell you about me on Friday...

Have a lovely day!