Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Year of the Horse

I know it's been a few days since the new lunar year started but I still wanted to go over it a little as I was surrounded by horse symbols on my recent trip to Vegas. Every hotel I visited and every shopping area had decoration allusive to the Year of the Horse.

The horse represents energy, intelligence and brightness, and those born under this sign not only posses those qualities but are also great speakers, cheerful and very personable. Despite of that, they tend to be impatient and a little hot headed which can be exacerbated by their lack of tolerance of failure.

This is a year for travel and exploration where decisive action will bring lots of success. Adventure is the key word and where ever you go immerse in the experience and surroundings. This will be a fast year as the energy of the horse will make things move fast, so procrastination must be put aside and creative fast thinking must be exercised.

Just like the animal itself this is a free year to enjoy life, get a promotion and make important decisions. But, if you are not sure of anything, refrain from taking that step and just go with the flow and enjoy the good energy.

Have a free spirited and good fortune day!


  1. Amazing, loved it doll :) I wasn't born in the year of the Horse, but I can identify a lot with it's attributes. I hope you have a wonderful day doll xx

  2. "this is a year for travel and exploration" here's hoping!

    Love these shots!

  3. This is so interesting...I am totally looking forward to 2014 now:) Happy Tuesday, lovely. xo

  4. My second son will be born under this sign(: thanks for the review! Hugs z