Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blossoms - Part 1

First things first. Yesterday I received the first images of  my giveaway and loved them. Also, a couple of you asked if I wanted professional photos and I replied back that what I'd love to see is images that you love either professional or taken with your cell phones. For ideas you can check Monday's post Images Giveaway.

Over the past few weeks I've posted some images of the Cherry Blossoms I took back in DC. Because of the weather warming up so late in the year the blossoms took a little longer to bloom this year, so when I was there not all of them had bloomed yet.

 I took all of these photos while walking around Georgetown. I had already accepted the fact that I would not see them on this trip, and when I saw them at the back patio of a church I was delighted and took as many photos as I could

Have a great Wednesday and enjoy the day!