Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blossoms - part 2

I wish all of you could see how happy I get when I receive your images for the Images Giveaway. I've received such beautiful ones it's amazing... you are very creative people!!! Remember you have 2 more weeks to send yours or if you sent already you can send more... like they say: the more the merrier!

Today's blossoms I took at the Bishop's Garden at the National Cathedral. On previous trip I had never mad it there and loved it. The garden had quite a few trees that had just started blooming so it was a lot of open flowers along with the little pink buds

Some of my favorites are the ones with the cathedral on the background

If you live in DC or are planning to visit I really recommend going over there because the garden is beautiful and there's plenty of space to put a blanket on the grass and read a book or just sit down in a blanket and enjoy the Spring weather.

Have a nice almost weekend day!