Friday, April 16, 2010

Ready for the Weekend!

Yes I am! Thank you for visiting me this week, for your comments and sending your images for the giveaway. If you sent them already you can send more or if you haven't you have until May 1.

Today, one of my favorite links is images at sunset in the UK . What is interesting about these images is that they have a different color and sort of clouds because of the ashes coming from the volcanic eruptions is Iceland... By the way, sorry if your European vacation has been interrupted by it!

Ash Sunsets
 Martha in the Making
The Green Museum
Designers and Creators
Last Names and Money
Dot Dot Dot

Before I forget, today's image was taken at the Huntington library's Japanese Pavilion. I was attracted to it by its simplicity and serene environment. It just reminds you to enjoy everything you do...

Have a great weekend!