Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Achieving Nirvana

Last weekend I visited the Wat Buddharangsi of Miami which is a Theravada Buddhist temple. For a while I've been wanting to go because it is a rare sight here in Miami and also because always been fascinated by cultures so different from mine.

Facade and side of the temple with decorative details and carvings

 The temple is a large square room with the altar at the end featuring a large Buddha brought all the way from Thailand. it is surrounded by gardens with tropical plants and flowers, and to the side there is a greenhouse where they grow vegetables and herbs.

Seats to the side of the temple with carving decorations and names reserved for the monks

The space is very serene, peaceful and conducive to meditation. The floor is covered with a plush rug that makes it even more comfortable to sit and enjoy the environment. There are smaller figures of Buddha all over which are said to be his different representations and made with all sorts of materials including precious stones for eyes and jade.

Different representations of Buddha and main statue surrounded by the smaller ones and other items

Take some time today to sit down and relax... it is a wonderful thing!

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