Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dressing Up History

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I remember a while ago I watched mystery movie where the crime happened at a party at the Smithsonian Museum to unveil an exhibit of the first ladies dresses. The thing that I really remember about it is the the exhibit so when I visited the Smithsonian Museums I made it mandatory to go and finally see the dresses worn by the first ladies through the years.

Helen Taft's inaugural dress from 1909 and her embroidered Chinese robe

Jacqueline Kennedy's inaugural silk gown from 1961 which she wore with a 
cape a solidified her as a fashion icon

Lady Bird Johnson and Pat Nixon's Inaugural dresses worn in 1965 and 1969 respectively

Betty Ford's State Dinner dress from 1975 and Rosalynn Carter's Inaugural dress from 1977

Nancy Reagan's Inaugural dress from 1981 - sorry I don't have a details of the 
embroidery that was amazing

Michelle Obama's inaugural silk chiffon dress with flowers and 
Swarovsky crystals and diamond jewelry

Enjoy the day as I will be indoors with the AC at full blast!