Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Edible Roses

A while ago, if you remember, I had to make a Rose Water Saffron Ice Cream for a presentation I had and ended up with most of the bottle of rose water without knowing what to do with it. Last weekend I put my mad scientist hat on and experimented with a recipe of shortbread and the rose water.

The first two experiment I have to be honest were not good at all. One tasted only like a regular shortbread and the other one tasted like perfume. The third one tasted just right with the perfect soft flavor of rose water and butter shortbread that melts in your mouth... Delicious!

Once I had the perfect formula I decided to go a head a create one with orange blossom water and it also tasted great but in this case instead of using a flower cutter I decided to use a butterfly cutter to be able to tell the difference in flavor.

Finally, I decided to put a name to the cookies and started advertising it on Wedding Wire because I have been doing so well with bridal showers and other events. I'm still working on perfecting other recipes along with the many other things my creative/entrepreneurial self is doing.
PS... If you have a Wedding Wire account I'd appreciate for you to leave a comment for me so I can start appearing on options for brides and other vendors...

Wish me luck with this new enterprise!