Monday, June 14, 2010

A Different Kind of Wallpaper

It's been raining for days in here but over the weekend I made the best out of it. One of the places I went to was up the mountains towards one of the many volcanoes in Costa Rica called Volcan Irazu.

While on the road me and my friend wanted to stop for a cup of coffee and fount this very peculiar family owned restaurant. The walls and ceiling were covered with business cards, messages of napkins, photos, currency from foreign countries, ID cards and anything and everything that you can pin on a surface.

View of one of the restaurant dining room

I thought about the hundreds of tourists that have visited this place and left their mark on it. The owners said it all started with a large group of tourists that stopped by for lunch once during the high season and were so amazed by the great view that they left all these messages for them so they all decided that the best place to display them ware on the wall. Eventually every person who came started leaving their own things and pinning them up becoming what it is today.

Another view of the dining room

Who would leave a T-shirt behind in this chilly weather?

Close up of some of the messages, airline ticket stubs and business cards left by tourists