Friday, June 25, 2010

Hot Miami Friday

So hot not even my AC at full blast is making things better. Yesterday the high was around 88F with a heat degree index of 97F and for today we have predicted 90F with a heat index on 102F. The problem with it is that it's not even July and when you get out it makes things a bit difficult. Anyways, if this weather is your thing, hop on a plane and head over to South Florida to enjoy our beaches and beautiful people!

 My nephew, Eduardo, looking at the rain...

After this quirky invitation, I want to remind you to please sing the petition to bring the World Cup to the US in 2018. I'm thrilled at how the team was able to beat the odds and make it to the next round. I'm sad to see the Italian team leave but honestly they didn't play like they always have and unfortunately they ran out of time... literally!

Here are this week's links:

Have a great weekend... I'll be catching up with my blog reading of 581 posts!