Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cookies, World Cup and the Economy

Yesterday afternoon I watched the game in which Argentina passed to the next round of the World Cup while I was baking alfajores for a big order I have on Friday. During the half time I heard that the US is going to bid to be able to host the World Cup of 2018/2022 via this website

If you are in the US you ask why you should care and if you are in the rest of the world you wonder why as well. The reason being is that World Cups help boost the economies of the different countries that host them. By helping the US economy, you are not just helping the country but you are also helping the thousands of people around the world who are in the tourism, retail, transportation, and many others industries involved in it. Additionally, most countries in the world see the benefits of receiving American tourists and investments done by American companies when the economy is in good shape... it just helps everyone.

Socially, the World Cup encourages friendship amongst nations and talks about saying no to racism. The various organizations tied to FIFA support education and drug free programs all over the world that have helped many live a better life through sports.

So, even if you don't like the sport you have very good reasons to support the US in hosting the World Cup in the future... also, you can help me one day in going to one, ha!

Have a great day and remember to sign the petition before Friday!