Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Small Town

The town of Escazu, where my family has lives in Costa Rica, is located in the capital of San Jose and it's commonly known as "the City of the Witches". The old part of the town is very typical with the big church, a plaza, the city hall to one side and the school to the other.

Details in house built on the old typical style or "Estilo Tipico"

Still today, you can find some of the old houses built in adobe or that follow the old style with a large porch in front to receive guests and a large foyer inside that leads to all the rooms of the house. The exterior of the houses was painted white with blue at the bottom and details in blue as well. 

 View of the church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel

Detail of the dome and columns of the church

Nowadays, unfortunately the rich heritage of this place is in danger because developers have been building in a "Frank Ghery" look alike style and have abandoned the style that made this town famous and beautiful.

Have a great day and remember to protect the rich heritage of your communities!