Thursday, June 17, 2010

Up the Mountain

I know I've mentioned these past few days the rain has made it more difficult to go out but coming from Miami it is a nice break from the intense heat and humidity. For that same reason rain or not last weekend I drove to the mountain to breath the fresh cool air and enjoy the vast fields of green.

View up the mountain including potato plantations

I love the mountains because they always have dairy farms where you can buy home made sour cream, fresh milk, and cheese. You can also find potato and coffee plantations, and fields of flowers especially roses and carnations for export.

View of the city from the road

Back in the 1950's people believed that the weather up there was so beneficial they built a hospital especially for people who suffered from respiratory illnesses. Today, the hospital is abandoned and when I saw it I wished I had enough money to redevelop it and open a mountain hotel with a spa... 

The hospital

Another view from the road, notice the low clouds covering the mountains and cities
Hope you have a great Thursday in preparation for the weekend!!!