Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rainy Days

Between the World Cup and the rain I've had to stay indoors a lot on this trip. As I showed on yesterday's semi post I went over the weekend to a mountain hotel called Chalet Tirol which as you can imagine was built in the Tirolean style.

 Delicious apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and Costarrican coffee

 I've always likes this place because  it's surrounded by a forests and when you go feels like you have been transported to some Hansel and Gretel type of place. Also, the food is pretty good because they have tried to bring some of the typical food of Tirol including a delicious apple strudel.

As mentioned yesterday, the fuzzines of all these images is 
because of the rain and not an unsteady hand

Have a great Wednesday and enjoy something sweet today!