Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yes, I did... I had to have a cupcake for breakfast and it was Red Velvet. I was really tasty even though it was not the cream cheese frosting but delicious velvety (no pun intended) buttercream.

Sorry the images are not great but they were not happy with me taking pictures without permission and on top of that the battery on my camera was dying... I think that means I have to go back for another one.

I've liked cupcakes way before all the different boutiques started to appear all over the place. I like the fact that they are personal portions of cake and some of them have the right amount of frosting. I have to admit I like them to be simple without much stuff because if they do after three bites you are sort of done with it... don't you think?

At Magnolia there is a 12 cupcake per customer policy due to the high popularity of the cupcakes and in times when there is a lot of traffic I've seen they even have a sort of bouncer making sure that people behave in the line or don't take more cupcakes than they should... that is a good indicator the product you're buying is good!

Have a sweet day and enjoy!