Friday, July 30, 2010

TGIF in the Big Apple

Since Tuesday I've been out and about walking around the city and enjoying my time here even though it's been quite hot. Thank God today the weather is getting better and nicer so I can doo much more without having to look for places with AC every couple of blocks.

Yesterday's lunch at Le Pain Quotidien

The problem with being out so much is that my computer time has been reduced to some email reading (aside from the Blackberry) and writing my posts. So, there are no fun links for today so I am including some links of places I really like in the city to go and have something to eat.

Have a nice weekend and go out to enjoy your own city!


  1.'re making me too hungry to concentrate....think I'll go drown some humous in olive oil now....

  2. looks delicious! have a great weekend.

    xo Alison

  3. This food looks excellent. Glad you're having fun in NY.

  4. Great places! Barolo is the best place to go in the summer. Enjoy some prosecco and some prosciutto & melon :)

  5. Food looks YUM! not sure if you had a chance to try it, but Cafe Gitane is the best, coolest lil spot in the city. That and Magnolia Bakery, if you've got a sweet tooth.