Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Architecture of Faith

Over the past few days I have shown you all types of fabulous architecture all over NY. Today, I'd like to show you images I took of a Baptist church near the NYU campus in downtown. It was a day that the weather was very nice and just walking around the city made me feel very at ease and relaxed.

Note the details all over that remind you of the Gothic European churches

While taking these pictures, I noticed the great effect light was having on them and realized how important it is for people to have a place where they can go to feel at peace and the role these places have in helping them feel like that. The greatness, the decorative details, and most of all the stained glass windows serve that purpose of making you feel closer to God.

I love the combination of the leaves, wrought iron and stone

I liked this church in particular because it was surrounded by a beautiful garden that invited people to come in and take some time off during their day. Also, the overall architecture was so beautiful with it's combination of stone colors, iron details and large windows with stone frames.

Spires designed especially to give people the sensation that they are reaching for the sky

I wish all of you out there are great Thursday and feel happy that the week is almost over, the weather is getting better (Miami's still pretty hot though) and that Fall is right around the corner!