Friday, August 27, 2010

Really Hot Friday!!!

I cannot explain you how hot it's been these past few days... it's been well into the 90's with humidity some where in the 80%... you do the math! Beyond that it was a pretty good week and I'm so happy that a lot of great things happened that I was really positive about.

 Truffles... need I say more?

Two things ha me really worried: one of them is the massive egg recall in the US which should be a wake up call to the food industry, and the other thing is the salaries of the guys from the Jersey Shores (sorry if you like the show) when there are so many very talented and skilled American without a job... I just find it very unfair!

On a lighter note here as today's links:
The Fall of American Apparel

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy some time outdoors... I'll try to enjoy it too!