Monday, August 30, 2010

Seeing Stars

I'm sure like most of you out there the best part of any award show is the Red Carpet, not only to see the fabulous dresses and shoes that defy gravity (most of them!) but also the really good looking men wearing tuxedos... and the Emmy's were not an exception!

Waited all night to see this trio... (image credit)

I'm very happy that the winner movie was the one about the woman with autism who fought against all odds to overcome the prejudice against her. loved even more that Temple Grandin was there and that each and every person involved in the movie thanked her.

What I loved about George Clooney were not just his perfect manner and smile but his speech about how we tend to be very generous as soon as things pass but then we just forget about the issues that really matter and we decide to turn the worst people out there as role models.

What do you think as my pics for best dressed (Rose image credit - Jon image credit)

I will not go into worst dresses because it's Monday and I want to start the week on a good note but I do have to say that I have a few pics for each of them. Included in my favorites last night were: Jimmy Fallon and every single thing he did, anything Mad Men and how great everyone looked, and the guy from Modern Family who told his wife that the show was a love letter to her... and Emmy winning love letter!!!

Who was you favorite stars? What were your favorite moments? Who was the best/worst dressed?

Have a great Monday and hope you have a great week!